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G. Dale Leeser

From its uncertain beginnings in 1996 through to its current incarnation as Vedavid 1.0, she has been its most consistent support in a multitude of ways. There are many who have helped (click the button above), but Dale has remained the visionary behind the scenes throughout. Of course, I could be biased. She was also my point of entry into the analogue world of life, too! It's not possible to give a whole history of her life. But in context of supporting me in this work, it's worth noting the pioneer by whom I was raised.

In the 1960's, in Alabama, she was an earnest and tireless worker on desgegration in the South. We lived in an all-white neighborhood where we were cleaning Klan vandalism and graffiti off our house and cars when I was as young as 4. If you want to know how unpopular that was, just do a search on "whites supporting desegregation" on a search engine, or see images below for example. It was a different thing than just opposing segregation -- it was activism to bring about desegregation.

After that period of our country's history, she moved on to being a pioneer in recycling in the early 1970's. Her project won a nationwide Keep America Beautiful Award. There is a reference to it here (scroll to the 1970's), and I'm trying to get more info from Keep America Beautiful. An ironic footnote, that is the same Women's Club that had blackballed (pun??) her for years due to the desegregation work.

Note that Bing is less racist in its assumptions if you do the same search there.