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Revised site note 1/26/10: This page is left as it was originally with minor modifications to font and background color for ease of reading. I deliberately leave the references to old browsers ... those were the days ... The new site launch is available here. Navigation links at the bottom follow the original old pathways through the site.

This website was developed out of a need to organize a large amount of data for a dissertation on the early Vedic traditions and texts of Ancient India (c. 1500 b.c.e.). The dissertation, "The Developing Terminology for the Self in Vedic India" is included here in full. It contains some 2,000 links within the text of cross-reference, as well as 100's of external links to the larger database of Vedic texts at this site.

You have the opportunity of two routes through this site. Choose either the "Tourist" or "Academic" visa depending on your interests (and equipment, the Tourist route is sort of high-end, and does need, at least Netscape 3.0 to really "sing", 28.8 modem minimum for sound clips, and Ethernet/10baseT/campus-type hook-ups work best). For VRML, you'll need Netscape Gold 3.04 for Windows 95 (VRML has been on shakey ground and this is the only sure-bet browser).

The Academic Visa takes you directly to the explanation of the data contained at this site (10mb, including Rig Veda and Shatapatha BraahmaNa texts with detailed indexes), and access to research demonstrations and explanations, and sections of the dissertation including its abstract. The Tourist Visa takes you to a "re-entry" of Vedavid, this time with sound, and choices to examine a short slide show from my recent trip to India, sound clips, bio data, and memorabilia from this site's previous incarnations. Please also take time to review the thank you for those who have helped make this possible.


Revised site note 1/26/10:
This section is left untouched

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